Hi! It's so nice to meet you

This is Veronica. 

I’m a fourth-generation psychic, and my gift presents itself as being clairsentient. That means I feel energy, and through it I can pick up on your situation and its circumstances, as well as how it is poised to develop in the future. The tarot is my tool of choice to interpret that feeling and present you the information in the clearest, most on-point and most actionable way.

The best way I know to explain it is by describing a web. Connecting to you, I can sense the strands that got you where you are, which ones are exerting an influence on your current position, and where the multiple threads going forward will eventually lead.  

I go into a lot more detail on how this works in the free series The Querent’s Primer, so if you want to know more about my clairsentience, you can check it out here.

My purpose here at The Tarot Court is to help you improve your life. I know that’s a mighty tall order, but I’ve experienced the power of a tarot reading to better understand a situation and to navigate it toward a better future… and you can do it too. 

Your future is in your hands. Let me shine a light on your path so you may make the best choices to get there

Member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles.

What can I help you with?


A bit of personal history

My mother passed me down my first deck when I was thirteen. Back then it felt a lot like a game, but the imagery and the promise of tarot enchanted me from the first. I began to read for myself. I never intended to take it beyond that, but a woman saw me at a café with my cards, my tarot books and notes, and kindly asked for a reading. 

I was… flummoxed, to say the least! But I’ve always liked to help people, and after a fair warning that I wasn’t a pro, I gave my very first tarot reading.

With every card I pulled and every thread of her story I wove, she kept nodding. She recognized the situations I mentioned. She identified the people that came up. She thanked me, left, and I thought that was that.

Chance readings weren’t an isolated event: they kept happening. I kept running into people who needed the help tarot could give them, and they kept thanking me for the insight or new perspective the reading had provided. Many of those people managed to find me again at the cafes I liked to visit while studying the cards, even though I didn’t have a fixed schedule. 

It took me a while, but I got the hint. I’ve been reading for and helping people all over the globe ever since!

Why The Tarot Court?

The court cards of the tarot can represent several things (that's why they are complicated cards for beginners!), but for me, they almost always represent people. The suit and the figure itself represent the character of that person more often than not, or sometimes the energy they channel. Think of it like a zodiac sign of sorts.

So if we are the Kings and Queens of our future, the knights in shining armor championing our goals, the squires full of hope and energy... then are we not the courtiers of this court of wands and cups, coins and blades?

Are we not the members of The Tarot Court?

The Tarot Court Logo

Why the wolf and the moon and star?

The Star is the card of hope, of healing, or regrouping.

The moon represents the hidden truth, that which exists beyond rules and expectations. The energy that connects us all, from which I draw for my readings. Call it Spirit, the Higher Self, the Soul...

And the wolf is that wild, primal part of us that can listen and understand such truth. Your intuition, leading the way home.

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