Code of Ethics

This code of ethics represents the boundaries of what I will or won’t do as a tarot reader. Please read it carefully to understand where I draw the line in my readings–I ask you to please respect my limits not just as a professional, but also as a person.

Reading for minors or young people

I will not read for minors. Technically speaking, I could do it with a waiver of their legal tutors, but verifying such things online is difficult at best, and jurisdictions all over the world have different views on how many signatures are required as parental consent.

This also means I will not read for your child. They are under your tutelage, but they are their own person, and if they were to get a reading, they would be entitled to their privacy. Performing the reading and relaying the information to a third party, even if this party is a parent, constitutes a violation of trust and an attack on this right of privacy.

That said, if a person is of legal age, I’m perfectly willing to read for them regardless of how young or old they are.

Reading for third parties

For the purposes of this code of ethics, there are two types of third-party readings that I feel are very different:

  • Readings where the third party has some kind of relationship to you, and your request pertains to how this person affects your life. Clear examples include relationship readings (“What is the potential of my relationship with X?”, “Why did X break up with me?”, “Should I pursue a relationship with my best friend X?”), but this type of third-party reading is also possible involving co-workers (“What is the best way to approach this project with X?”), or even professional contacts (“How can I best present my case to this person/company to be hired?”).
  • Readings where the third party is independent from you and where your request pertains to their own private life. Again, the clearest example is in the emotional field (“I divorced two years ago and I want to know if my ex is over me yet”) but it can spill over to other areas (“How is X doing with this account so I can one-up them and get the promotion in their place?”).

As a rule, third-party readings falling into the first category are all right. They’re not intrusive, they never look into the third party’s life beyond where it crosses paths with you, and the information is not meant to be used against them.

Likewise, third-party readings falling into the second category are against this code of ethics. They can be defined as a form of psychic espionage, they invade the privacy of a person without their knowledge or permission, and the information can sometimes be used to cause harm.

What topics I will and won’t read on

My tarot readings can’t stand in place of qualified professional advice. I can’t offer advice on legal matters, tax matters, financial matters, or medical issues.

For example, imagine you want to set up a new business. I can offer guidance on how to develop your plan, suggest strengths, resources you hadn’t thought of, and even warn you about pitfalls you might encounter. But this does not substitute the professional advice indicating exactly which permits you must request, what taxes you’ll have to pay and how to calculate profit and overhead.

Likewise, I can offer insight on how to deal with stressful situations, how to face certain health issues and where you need to pay attention, but this does not substitute the medical help you might need, and it certainly isn’t a treatment guide.

The reading is not, does not pretend to be, and can’t be construed as expert advice. Once you get the pointers or warnings, it is up to you to find professional help if required.

How I will treat you

This should go without saying. It really should, but it doesn’t, so I’ll put it in writing here in the code of ethics:

I will treat you fairly, kindly, offering my help to the best of my abilities and telling you the truth with as much compassion as I know how to express. I do not care about your race, color, genre, identity, orientation, religion, ideology or any other characteristic people might hinge their bigotry on.

I swear it. I truly DO NOT CARE. To me, you’re a person in need of answers, someone who wants a bit of help, and it is my duty to offer that help. That’s it. I’m not here to judge or condemn you.

What I will do with your information

The content of your readings is strictly confidential. Neither your question nor my answer will ever be disclosed to a third party unless required to do so by Law.

Your personal data, as supplied for the reading, will be used to perform the reading. It will never be sold, transfered, granted access to… In fact, it won’t even be stored beyond your reading in question unless you specifically request it.

Your email address will be used to deliver your reading, and it will be stored as part of my client base. You may receive a satisfaction questionnaire where you’re asked to provide private feedback on the reading and on my services, and you may receive emails with commercial offerings, such as new services or special discounts. You can, at any point, request to be deleted from this data base with the click of a button, and no further communication will be sent your way until and unless you make another purchase, wherein your email will be used to serve your purchase.

Free will and empowering you

This is more a worldview than the point of a code of ethics, but again, I’ll mention that the future isn’t set in stone. It’s based on your choices.

I can predict the future because the person you are today is more likely to make one choice over another. I can’t look very far into the future because as the number of choices made grows, so do the chances that you (or someone else) will step “off script” and change the outcome.

My job is to tell you what will likely happen if you keep on your current path, to offer insight on why is that, and to point out ways you could affect and change that outcome if you so desire. Ultimately, it’s up to you to digest that information and choose to act on it.

Your life, your choices, your future. I’m just here to shine a light so you can see the road ahead a bit better.

I can’t predict lottery numbers because lotto balls have no will. That’s just luck. Numbers and probability. I have no business looking into it.

Complete contents of the code of ethics

This code of ethics is complete to the best of my abilities and knowledge. I reserve the right to update it, amend it, and add content as required.

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