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Video Tarot Reading

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Video readings are the best option if you want the personal touch of watching me read the cards for you on the spot, but you’d rather not commit to a live session.

Video readings are comprehensive, detailed and natural: perfect to deliver your answers with zero pressure! 

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Look at the different options and choose which one fits your needs.

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The Tarot Court will perform your reading in under 24 hours once you place the order

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Fill all the fields at the checkout form, including your detailed question.

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Which option fits your needs?

3 minutes


Best for clear-cut questions
Allows for 1-2 related questions

5 minutes


Allows for 2 questions
OR exploring 1 choice and its consequences

10 minutes


Best for complex questions
Allows for 3 questions
OR exploring 2 unrelated choices
OR mapping a path for long-term concerns
Only option for a general reading

What to expect

1. Intro

Because it’s important that you know what a tarot reading is and what to expect from it!

3. Cards & Patterns

An explanation of pattern or card combinations, and how they answer your question.

2. Your Question

So you know exactly what you asked, even if you revisit your reading tomorrow or a year from now.

4. Summary

A take-away from the reading that brings all the key points to your attention.

Important: Your reading will be delivered as a Wetransfer download link via email.

Do you know how to make the most of your reading?

Are you sure about your question?

You can ask any question, but be sure to choose the right one! If you ask “What is the best next step for me in my love life?” when you actually want to know “Will my ex reach out and attempt to reconnect?”, you might be disappointed with the advice the cards have to offer.

More isn't always best

Make sure you select the best option to suit your question. Trying to squeeze too much information in a short reading is impossible, but if your question is short and to the point, a longer reading might frustrate you as well.

Can you ask THAT question?

Remember that tarot can't give answers in the medical, financial or legal fields. If you need professional help, you need to get in touch with a professional! Likewise, pregnancy and gambling questions are not allowed under the Code of Ethics.

When in doubt, get in touch

If you're not sure about which option to choose or can't phrase your question, reach out and I'll be more than happy to help guide you on how to find your best answers.

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