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Email Tarot readings are a bit of a two-step process. There is the performance of the reading, and then there’s a second pass where I edit the contents to make it as streamlined, understandable and useful as possible. That means it takes time, but because I’m putting in that extra time to look for hidden connections and patterns, and to explain it all the best I know how, the final report is chock-full of on-point information.

Super important: eMail Tarot Readings are custom made for you, by me. Nothing about your reading is automatic.

You can ask any question, but be sure to choose the right question! During the reading, I’ll focus on answering it, and if you ask “What is the best next step for me in my love life?” when you actually want to know “Will my ex reach out and attempt to reconnect?”, you might be disappointed with the advice the cards have to offer. If you’re unsure of what to ask or how to phrase your question to make the most out of your reading, I recommend going through The Querent’s Primer: a short series sharing all you need know and what you can expect about tarot (or any kind of psychic, really) readings. You can check it out here, and it’s free.

Choosing a reading

Here’s a quick side-by-side overview so you can choose the best fit:

3 cards


  • Best for clear-cut questions
  • Allows for 1 question
  • OR a general look at 1 choice

5-7 cards


  • Allows for 1 in-depth question
  • OR 2 three-card questions
  • OR exploring 1 prediction (Horseshoe spread)
  • OR exploring 1 choice and its consequences

10+ cards


  • Allows for 2 in-depth question
  • OR 3 three-card questions
  • OR exploring 1 complex situation in depth (Celtic Cross spread)
  • OR mapping a path for long-term concerns (As Above So Below spread)
  • Only option for a general reading

The process

This is what the e-mail tarot reading process at The Tarot Court looks like:

  1. Choose how many cards you want for your reading and add it to the cart.
  2. During Check-out, be sure to fill in the Notes field to include your question(s). Add as much information as you’re comfortable with: the more you share, the more focused the reading will be (no time wasted in details you already know about!). That said, if you don’t want to share anything but your question, that’s perfectly fine as well.
  3. Keep an eye on your inbox. You’ll receive an e-mail from The Tarot Court letting you know your order is underway.
  4. If all goes well, please allow for up to 24 hours for your reading to be ready.
  5. If I need clarification, The Tarot Court will contact you over email to discuss the matter. This usually involves rephrasing the question to guarantee you get the most from your reading. (The time needed to sort things out puts the reading “on hold” until all is good to go, and the 24-hour deadline begins from the moment the incident has been solved).

What to expect

For email readings, you’ll receive a PDF file as an e-mail attachment. This allows for easy storage, so you may come back and reference your reading as often as desired. Your custom reading report will include the following sections:

  • Intro: because it’s important that you know what a tarot reading is and what to expect from it!
  • Your Question: so you know exactly what you asked, even if you revisit your reading tomorrow or a year from now.
  • Your Spread: a picture of the cards drawn for you, so you can examine the images at your leisure. The number of cards used in your spread depends on which type you have chosen.
  • Card meanings: a card-by-card interpretation, dependent on each card’s position in the spread and on how it relates to your question (this is the bulk of the reading).
  • Summary: all the important points brought to your attention, along with explanations of any patterns. It includes a take-away from the reading.
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