The Court Academy

The best place to get started on a spiritual journey. 

These series or courses are free, created to share, teach and educate. Some lessons will cover facts, others will be about techniques, and a few more will deal with my personal beliefs on how a particular topic is to be approached. I will always let you know what is historically accepted and what is my opinion. I will always try to keep the lessons clear and to the point (although I’m pretty infamous for my love of analogies!). 

The Court Academy will grow with you, so let me know if there’s a specific topic you want me to cover, either through a new course or as an added lesson. 

A Tarot Reading Course

What is a reading?

Key information a querent needs to know. “Querent” is the right word for “client”, and if that surprised you, then you need to check out this course!

This primer is also for learners: can tarot really do what you want it to do?

Basics of Tarot

10 lessons on the basics of tarot, this course explores all you need to know to start reading tarot. 

Or, if you’re a querent, it offers enough information that you’ll understand what your reader is talking about without overwhelming you

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