3. The power of context

Aren’t you the psychic? Why do you need me to ask a question and provide details about the situation? Can’t you figure that out?

Said every sceptic, ever

Actually, yes, I can figure it out. As can any competent reader.

(And I bet you weren’t expecting that answer, uh?)

But here’s the thing: if I have to spend half the session teasing out of the cards information you already have, you will receive half the information and half the value you might have gotten if I had put the entire session at your service.

I can spend the reading or session proving how much I can learn about your problem by pointing out feelings, obstacles and people you recognize and identify easily.

Or I can go into the reading with that knowledge, shared by you, and skip to the part where we look at what caused the obstacles, how you can feel better about the situation, and what options you have available right now to take action.

When you ask a question and provide details about the situation, you establish a framework of knowledge for the cards to work with, and the value of the reading skyrockets.

Tarot cards are symbolic. They represent archetypes, truths that can apply to every person in the course of a lifetime… and I could get very mystical trying to explain how it all works, but honestly, I don’t know. You can visit Benebelle Wen’s website here or the Biddy Tarot Community over here if you want to see two completely different, well-explained theories that summarize most of today’s points of view on the matter.

However, we don’t need to know how tarot cards work to recognize why it is important to ask a question and provide details, as many as you’re able and comfortable with.

Here’s an example:

If Jane Doe asks, “I would like a love reading”…

The cards picture a complicated relationship and the need to escape the hold of the past. There is a third person involved. It is recommended that Jane Doe stops ignoring the fact that there is a choice to be made.

Is that helpful?

Well, it certainly is better than nothing, but what exactly does it all mean?

Is the complicated relationship a past one that scarred Jane for life? Is it her current one, where she stays because she’s unsure how to support herself if she doesn’t? Is it a warning about the seemingly charming co-worker?

The hold of the past, is it hers? Is it his? Is it a childhood ideal either of them is clinging to, a previous partner, a lingering fear of betrayal after their ex cheated?

The choice is about staying in the relationship or going? Or is it about choosing one man above another? About levelling up the relationship with more commitment? About moving in together?

Now, what happens when Jane Doe asks a question and provides details?

Because we know the difficulty lies in her current relationship, it’s clear that the chains she needs to break are those that tie her to her current situation. The choice, which was so abstract, becomes clear: stay or go. The third person involved will provide an unexpected support when Jane takes the steps to stand up for herself and chase her happiness.

Even in such a short, vague example, there is a clear difference when we have chosen to ask a question and provide details as opposed to being vague.

Even if you’re reading for yourself and you know all there is to know about the situation, remember to ask a question and provide details, as clearly as if you were reading for someone else. The tarot responds well to intention, and the kind of focus gained by specifying the information will influence the reading and allow you to get a better insight and more comprehensive advice.

Think of this as a follow-up to our lesson on formulating a powerful question: if choosing a good question is important to get the most out of a reading, how could it not be key to actually pose a question? Adding details is just the way to guarantee an answer that is laser-focused on what you actually want to know or need help with.

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