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A collection of printable PDF to record your readings using The Tarot Court’s signature spreads.

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The best way to learn tarot and hone your intuition

Tarot journals are a wonderful tool, and keeping one up to date is a must for a serious tarot reader. It will allow you to…

  • Practice regularly. A good relationship with Tarot builds on constant use!
  • Pay attention to patterns and frequent cards. Is there any key message the cards try to convey even though it’s not covered in your questions?
  • Learn how the same cards can read differently depending on the question, their position, and their surrounding cards.
  • See the impact the astrological chart, the time of day and your own mood can have in your reading. How can you boost your intuition? When should you hold back on a reading or review the cards later?
  • Look back and watch how the cards have guided you true through your readings. After all, the best way to boost your confidence is to see with your own eyes how on point you were!

How can this printable Tarot journal help you?

A printable journal gives you the freedom to use as many copies as you need. The three-card spread template has room to jot down all the information you might need. This bundled set includes every printable journal page from The Tarot Court, so you can build your perfect journal, customized to your needs and with enough flexibility to grow with you:


  • Three-card reading pages.

Ideal for weekly readings, or to bring clarity to any question you might be facing.

  • Four-card reading pages.

Perfect for monthly readings, or to find the best way to move forward in your current situation.

  • Daily reading page.

Use it every day to prepare yourself and revisit your cards again at night to reflect on what happened.

  • Blank reading pages.

A blank reading page to fit your favorite spread, so you can record any reading. Explore and experiment as you grow your journal using the same format you know and love!

Buy, download, print… and start building up your tarot journal!

You’ll have access to several PDF files upon purchase. The pages will look just fine in A5, letter size, or A4 paper: just make sure you check the “Adjust” option in size when printing your file.

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